Embed of a short video I made of the activities of Record Store Day. Once again perched in exactly same position as last year, namely outside London Soho’s Sounds of the Universe. Whilst it’s easy to grumble and moan about certain cynical aspects of the event, it was on the whole a good idea on paper and great fun in practice.

My dealings with the record industry are on the periphery so It would be churlish of me to say anything without experiencing it first hand. If more and more people are getting into vinyl then that can only be a good thing. Anyway, whatever, enjoy the clip.

Record Review


Drexciya: Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV LP (Clone Classic Cuts)

Was all ready to rail on this, the final in the series of reissues from the cult electro / techno outfit. But without skirting around the issue, it’s probably the best of the lot. I say this 'cos in my previous reviews of Volumes I, II and III, I’d bitched and moaned that my favourite Drexciya track of all time, ‘Black Sea’ hadn’t made an appearance. Well, guess what?

Yep, add to that the inclusion of some familiar tracks that I swear they’d already dealt with and a couple of “why the fuck was this previously unreleased?” moments and you have a fitting conclusion to one of the most compelling and satisfying chapters of electronic music’s evolutionary narrative.

Saat Kacta Evde Olacaksin?


Dopplereffekt: Gesamtkunstwerk LP (Clone Classic Cuts)

The original moody electro album from ‘99 came back for a hipster-loving re-press in '07. Of course, its still ace, even after fifteen years. Songs about sterilisation, pornography and having sex with mannequins. All done in a reductive robotic stylee. What’s not to like? Annoyed it’s a shit pressing though, weak vinyl and cheapo artwork. What gives? Maybe another re-repress??!?!



Terrence Dixon: Badge of Honor LP (Surface)

For an artist, a dance artist that’s been at it for over 20 years, its interesting to see him picking up the pace in more recent times. Underrated and overlooked, his production is cut from the classic cloth of Detroit Techno. Angular, clunky, awkward, clattering and atonal; this is aligned more to the angrier side of the genre. As opposed to the euphoric positive vibes peddled by its more famous practitioners. As a result, it’s not as good as that last one he had out on Tresor. So, for completists only.



Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire: The Infinity Dub Sessions LP (BLKRTZ)

Whilst most of the tracks here have appeared in instrumental form on previous releases. It’s the addition of Paul St. Hilaire’s righteous rhyme that elevates this to something approaching majestic. The joy is to be had from his honey dripped vocal stylings being nailed to teutonic machine rhythm of the highest calibre. Mean of me to pick out any highlights, but I will anyway. The opening ‘Hold On Strong’s tense narrative is masterful, whilst ‘What the heck them expect’ is 1080p HD sleng teng. The highlight though is the 4/4 sub-bass pulse of ‘Little Darling’.

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