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Fennesz: Endless Summer LP (Editions Mego)

Bit late to the party I know, but this was triggered after hearing Fennesz’s latest album ‘Becs’. Which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Almost a step backwards from this, his breakthrough, genre-busting, timeless classic from 2001. I’m listening to the 2010 remastered reissue which bolts on a few extra tracks and extends 'Happy Audio' another into something far more epic. And time has not eroded its fractured, delicate signal. All wrapped up in that stunning Tina Frank artwork.




Marcus Fengler: Fokus LP (Ostgut Ton)

Another Ostgut Ton alumni whose first name is Marcel. But unlike Dettman’s recent abysmal poor showing, Fengler fares better with ‘Fokus' (nice alliteration?!). Anyway, pared down techno as you’d expect from music designed for Berghain for the most part. But this rises above the usual cliche by actually being quite pleasant home listening. With welcome diversions into electronica and ambient. The closing phases of the album jettison the 4/4 in favour of playful rhythmic and melodic interplay. But the highlight is ‘Jaz’, which sounds like a long lost love letter from Detroit.



Felix K - Flowers of Destruction 3 x LP (Hidden Hawaii)

Mysterious, dark, filmic, brooding….all the characteristics that electronic music excels at are effortlessly executed here. And despite being on the scene since the mid-90’s, this is actually Felix K’s debut album. Basslines act like malevolent pulses, melody is haunted and expansive. Rhythmically this takes its cues from a reductive version of drum’n bass. The whole thing should be treated as one, but if I was to pick out any particular moment, it would be the Hans Zimmer-esque synthetic surround of ‘#5’. A powerful statement of intent.

FailCast Issue 024


Northern Line Noise Cancelling.
From Kentish Town to Muswell Hill.
There’s nowhere more beautiful than North London in the summer….

Download and RSS available here, Mixcloud embed below.

The Mark Who Fell To Earth



Mark Fell: Manitutshu 2xLP / Sentielle Objectif Actualité 2xLP / Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot LP (Editions Mego)

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